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Besty peptide is one specialized is engaged in the China peptide, peptide raw materials and related products production and sales as well as research and development for the integration of enterprises, the company has engaged in peptide industry more than 20 years, the company has introduced the peptide synthesizer with high pressure liquid chromatograph, the synthesis of mature experience combined with advanced instruments, extended our service scope in peptide synthesis, we will according to your request you need peptide synthesis for you, and provide the related peptide modified service.Good quality, competitive price and reliable after-sales service have always been the business philosophy of Besty peptide to develop and consolidate the market.Besty Peptide continue to provide grade level from milligrams to one hundred grams of personalized peptide synthesis grade customized services as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic peptide to customers worldwide.


Professional Engineers

Besty Peptide working on peptide for manyyears, our lab has a large number of experienced engineers, in addition to synthetic, it is also equipped with an automatic peptide synthesis equipment specializing in milligrams, more peptide sequences variety of products, and to develop an advanced management system and scientific production processes to meet customers' research and developmen needs. It can greatly reduce the overall cost of peptide synthesis, to provide high quality products and services to the global scientific users, for customers to win time and reduce development costs.


Peptide With Best Quality

All the Peptide from our lab according to HPLC and MS test to guarantee the high quality. To ensure the quality of products, from raw material to detect the final product, each peptide synthesis, purification methods, quality inspection reports, test reports and mass storage mode are recorded in detail.  Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic peptide in strict accordance with the GMP requirements for production and management. So far, Besty Peptide already provides the worldwide scientific community with tens of thousands of active peptide sequence, and have developed a variety of complex modified peptide synthesis technology (access biotin, phosphorylation, dye marker, sulfonated, tail cyclization, etc. Wait). With professional experience and strong research and developmen capability peptide domain, and has a plurality of research institutes at home and abroad, well-known research institutions, pharmaceutical companies to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

Production Technology

As our company always take care of quality and shipping for the products.We measure our success largely on the success of our customers in their peptide research, so we strive to be the highest quality peptide producer in the market. Typically, each peptide is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis, Solubility test, MS data, and HPLC chromatogram and Besty Peptide will take up any additional tests at the request of the customer. Also the order will send very soon with our own delivery channel. Our purpose is to provide the best quality products and service to you.