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HPLC purification testing services

HPLC purification testing services

HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography, HPLC) is also called the "High pressure Liquid Chromatography ", "High Performance Liquid Chromatography", "High degree of separation Performance Liquid Chromatography ", "modern column Chromatography”, etc. High performance liquid chromatography is an important branch of chromatography, using a liquid as mobile phase, using high pressure infusion system, pump mobile phase the single solvents with different polarity or different proportion of mixed solvent and buffer solution into a stationary phase chromatographic column, each component is separated in the column, enter the detector for testing, so as to analysis the sample. This method has become important separation analysis technology in the chemical, medicine, industry, agriculture, commodity inspection and legal inspection, and other disciplines.


Chromatographic characteristics


1. High pressure can reach 150 ~ 300 kg/cm2. Chromatographic column step-down per meter is more than 75 kg/cm2.

2. High velocity is 0.1 ~ 10.0 mL/min.

3. Effective, plate numbercan be up to 5000 / m. In a column components separated at the same time up to 100 kinds.

4. High sensitivity, ultraviolet detector sensitivity can reach 0.01 ng. At the same time consuming less sample.

5. HPLC has the following advantages compared with classical liquid chromatography.

6. Usually the speed of analysis a sample is in 15 ~ 30 min, even some samples can be completed within 5 min.

7. High resolution, HPLC can choose the stationary phase and mobile phase in order to achieve the best separation effect.

8. High sensitivity, ultraviolet detector can reach 0.01 ng, fluorescent and electrochemical detector can reach 0.1 pg.

9. Chromatographic column can be used repeatedly, different compounds can be separated with a chromatographic column.

10. Less sample, easy to recycle, the sample after chromatographic column is not damaged, can collect a single component or do preparation.